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SMU professor Susanne Scholz in the West Bank in 2018.
SMU professor to return to campus after being trapped in Gaza for 12 years
Sara Hummadi, Video Editor • May 18, 2024

OAC Bike Lease

There has always been a trade off between time and money when it comes to campus transportation. Walking to class proves economical, but also cheats students of those precious extra minutes of sleep.

On the other hand, while driving saves time, it leaves commuters at the mercy of the price of oil and campus parking spots.

But for less than three pennies a day, the Outdoor Adventure Center has given a few SMU students a new, fuel-free set of wheels. The OAC has leased 18 new bikes, starting in August, for $10 each for the entire year, and is in the process of trying to acquire more. The bikes are an economical option for students and eliminate the problem of parking on campus.

“It was honestly a deal I couldn’t pass up,” said Trigg Burrage, a freshman business and theater major. Burrage received one of the new bikes in August as part of the program.

Dustin Kyle, the designer of the bicycles for Collegiate Bicycle Company was originally from Dallas and picked SMU as one of the first schools to work with. The SMU bike design was the second completed for the new collegiate line.

David Chambers, the Associate Director of Programs/Outdoor Activities at Dedman, was contacted last May by the company. CBC, based out of San Diego, called Chambers to inform him that they had received a donation of 18 bikes for SMU.

The company contacted alumni to purchase the bikes so they could be sent to their alma mater as a donation. Chris Miller, who graduated in 1996, and his wife Jennifer, responded with a donation of 18 bikes.

The single speed bikes come in both men’s and women’s models and are adorned with SMU logos. The bikes can also be purchased on the company’s website and through select local dealers. The website lists the men’s cruiser for $249.99 and the women’s for $279.99.

The OAC had the luxury of avoiding those price tags thanks to the Millers. “Since the bikes were donated, we didn’t have to recoup costs,” said Chambers.

The OAC decided to lease the bikes for an annual fee of $10. This pays for greasing the chain, replacing a pedal, or any other minor repairs the bikes might need.

“I spent five times as much money on the lock to secure the bike as I did on the actual bike itself,” said Ryan Davis, a junior finance and economics major. Davis lives about two blocks away from campus, and leased a bike because “it’s almost too far to walk, and it’s too close to drive” he said.

Chambers ideally wanted the bikes to go out to people who lived within two miles of campus or lived in the residence halls. “Our goals are to save (people) time, get (people) in shape, and minimize the amount of exhaust going into the Dallas air,” said Chambers.

Hilary Donaldson, a graduate student from Toronto, was used to traveling without a car in Canada, and found that the lease program was perfect for her needs.

“When it’s hot it makes it easier to get across campus or go get groceries,” Donaldson said.

The program initially advertised to first year students at AARO, and then informed the campus resident assistants of the lease.

On Aug. 25, the first day of the lease, 16 of the bikes were reserved on a first-come, first-serve basis. Currently, all 18 have been leased. A waiting list has been set up for bikes that are returned and for new shipments that are received. Erik Cant, the vice president of Collegiate Bicycle Company, said the original goal was to get 50 bikes for SMU.

Both Chambers and Cant are trying to nail down a timeline for getting more bikes to the OAC. “My vision would be crossing campus and seeing a bike rack that has 10 of these bikes locked to it,” Chambers said.

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