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Students closer to the action at tonight’s game


Students who attend tonight’s Halloween football game are in for a treat.

Conference USA has granted SMU permission to allow students to sit at the 50-yard line behind the visitor’s bench for SMU’s nationally televised game against University of Alabama at Birmingham.

“We want a large number of students to attend every game,” said Assistant Athletic Director for Media Relations Brad Sutton. “With less visiting fans at this game, who better to fill those extra seats than our students?”

The protocol for seating will be the same; students can pick up their tickets with their student IDs at the Mane Desk in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center or at the east ticket office outside Ford Stadium. Ushers will direct students to the new sections before and during the game.

The new seating available for students are sections 123 and 124. Student seating will remain open in 120, 121 and 122.

The protocol involving students going on the field after the game is the same. Students will be allowed to enter the field at the end of the game, but Sutton said students to use the stairwells and not jump the rails.

Conference USA has strict guidelines that dictate where student sections and student bands can be located at games. Normally those sections cannot be located behind the visiting team’s box. While the Conference wants to encourage home field advantage, they also want to maintain an atmosphere that is safe for visiting teams.

Sutton said C-USA gave SMU the special waiver in order to help fill the stands and improve the look of the stadium on television, and said he hopes students will take advantage of the opportunity, as well as maintain sportsmanlike conduct.

The athletic department also has another treat up its sleeve – a new tradition.

Sutton said the athletic department wants to encourage students to do a new cheer during the game. When the announcer says, “First down, SMU,” fans are encouraged to yell, “Mustangs,” and point the direction the team is heading.

Sutton said the tradition is a spin-off of a similar cheer performed at East Carolina University where the announcer says, “First down, Pirates,” and then fans yell “Arrr.”

As with any Halloween event, there are tricks-and this year, that’s parking.

Students with yellow and red parking stickers will not be permitted to park in six locations normally open to them. Cars must be relocated by 1 p.m. or students face having their cars towed. Four parking lots have been designated for student parking tomorrow, and the restricted lots will re-open at 11 p.m.

Tonight’s game starts at 6:30 p.m. and the Boulevard opens at 3:30 p.m.

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