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Steroids still problem in NFL

This Week in the NFL…
 Steroids still problem in NFL
Steroids still problem in NFL

Steroids still problem in NFL

So, it turns out that four Oakland Raiders, defensive tackleDana Stubblefield, center Barret Robbins, linebacker BillRomanowski and defensive tackle Chris Cooper, have tested positivefor designer steroid tetrahydrogestrinone, or THG, after the NFLdecided to retest urine samples.

You’ll probably hear the NFLPA say that, since it neversigned off on retesting, or since THG isn’t a bannedsubstance, these test results should not result in disciplinaryaction.

You might even hear someone (Al Davis, maybe) saying that theNFL is just targeting the Raiders, trying to sabotage the team(something I think Bill Callahan is doing a fine job of byhimself).

The problem is, all of this ignores the central issue: If thereare four guys on a single team ‘roid-raging, it’sfairly likely that there are about as many guys on the average teamdoing the same thing.

All of a sudden, the NFL has a problem it was supposed to havedealt with 10 years ago: Its game is no longer clean.

Cynics will tell you that it’s just become a part of thegame. They’ll tell you that steroid use is like a virus: assoon as you come up with a cure for it, it mutates and thrives.They’ll say that it’s just better to ignore the problemand let the players do whatever they want to their own bodies.

The problem is that sports are supposed to be about humanachievement, not chemical achievement. Besides the immorality ofallowing athletes to mutate their bodies for bigger stats andpaychecks, there’s the possible problem of the Super Bowl (orWorld Series or Stanley Cup Finals) being decided by pharmacistsinstead of athletes.

So, I say, test every sample twice for THG. Then, ban everyonewho tests positive from the NFL for life. The same should go forbaseball, hockey and maybe, eventually, pro wrestling.

It’s doubtful that anything this harsh would ever bepassed into effect, but one thing’s for sure: You won’trid sports of chemicals with half-measures.

Here are this week’s picks. Point spreads are subject tochange. Last week: 3-1. Season: 3-5.


Carolina (+3) over Dallas

By my count, there have been six games that Carolina has wonthis season that it just have easily lost: Game 2 at Tampa Bay,Game 5 at Indianapolis, Game 7 against New Orleans, Game 9 againstTampa Bay (again) and Game 10 against Washington. In fact, in threeroad wins this year, the Panthers allowed a game-tying drive andwent on to win the game in overtime.

Some will tell you that all this means they’re steelingthemselves in close games now to prepare for the playoffs.

I prefer to think they’ve just played some close games,got some breaks and won. Either way, they’re a solid team.I’ll take them against a meager spread because the Cowboysare sputtering badly on offense.


Oakland (+11) over Kansas City

Watch the Bengals; they’ll tell you something, man.

Last week, all they did was smother Kansas City’s widereceivers, preventing quarterback Trent Green from finding anyonedownfield enough times.

The Chiefs still racked up 300 yards through the air, but theteam’s offensive attack was never consistent.

For some reason, Dick Vermeil was afraid to ask Priest Holmes tocarry the ball. The question is: Can Oakland’s secondary tothe same thing? I doubt it, honestly, but they’ll cover.


NY Giants (+5) over Tampa Bay

Ladies and gentlemen, your defending world champions, the TampaBay Buccaneers.

I honestly don’t know what’s going on over there.They start the season taking every other game off, then they cutKeyshawn “Bill, I don’t want to play for you”Johnson. Anyone who tells you that Key isn’t beingscapegoated, at least a little bit, is blowing smoke.

If the Bucs were 6-4 instead of 4-6, do you honestly thinkthey’d cut Keyshawn? Probably not.

But this season is a wash, and they might as well startrebuilding now — and this team needs it. Their running gameis famously feeble, and their linebacker corps, once one of thisteam’s big strengths, has devolved into Derrick Brooksalongside Thing 1 and Thing 2.

If they can address their problems through the draft and freeagency, the Bucs should be in charge of the NFC South next season.I wouldn’t pick them again this season, though.


Indianapolis (+3) over Buffalo

If it’s possible, the Buffalo Bills will be playing worseon this upcoming Sunday than they have yet this season. Why?They’ll be missing running back Travis Henry (broken ankle)and wide receiver Eric Moulds (torn groin … ugh).

I think that streak of three straight games without a touchdownon offense is a lock to get extended. I can’t believe theBills were my preseason pick to win the AFC … what was Ion?

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