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Eavesdropping with Eva

Gin Blossoms bloom at Bronco Bowl performance
 Eavesdropping with Eva
Eavesdropping with Eva

Eavesdropping with Eva

“Eavesdropping with Eva” features interviews with artists making stops in the DFW area. It appears every Tuesday in “The Mix.”

The New World Disorder Tour rocked Dallas Friday night and took us back to a time when alternative rock blasted the airwaves. Soul Asylum, Seven Mary Three and Gin Blossoms were some of the favorite bands of the ’90s that simply rocked.

For most of us, the Gin Blossoms can best be remembered for its hits “Hey Jealousy” and “Follow you Down.” Despite extreme popularity, the band disappointed its fans when band members went their separate ways in 1997.

In 1999, the band rang in the new millennium with a show in Phoenix. The following New Year’s Eve, the band played together again, but with plans of reuniting for good on the guys’ minds.

Since last April, the band has been headlining for the New World Disorder Tour. The band is happy to be reunited and promises to give the fans a great show.

In a candid interview last Friday, I spoke with Rob Wilson from Gin Blossoms. We talked about everything from getting back together with his band to why guys love video games.

Q: So, you guys are back together after almost four years. How does it feel?

A: This time is going to be better than ever. This time we’re out for our own reasons and not for a billion-dollar corporation.

Q: Now that you’re back performing, what should your fans expect?

A: We’re not going to try to reinvent the wheel. We’re going to stick to the stuff that works, and the stuff the fans love.

Q: Will you be playing any of the old stuff like “Hey Jealousy” and “Till I hear it from you?”

A: Of course. Actually, we don’t plan on playing any of the new stuff … mostly because we just got a new drummer in April and didn’t have time.

Q: Any plans for a new CD?

A: Possibly, but right now we’re pretty busy on the tour.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: There’s a lot of sitting around and waiting, so I play a lot of video of games!

Q: Really, what kind of games do you play?

A: Right now my favorite is Grand Theft Auto. For instance right now I have about 10 hours of free time to kill. I will probably spend most of my time playing video games.

Q: What’s with guys and their video games?

A: I don’t know, for me it’s an escape. On my tour bus we’ve got nine guys and only two of us are serious gamers.

Q: Is it hard to have relationships when you’re on tour?

A: Yes, because I don’t get to be with my family while I’m on the road. My wife and I promise each other to spend at least seven months out of the year together. We just had a son, Grey, and it’s hard to be away from him.

Q: How does it feel to be a Gin Blossom?

A: It’s been a great opportunity and a fun time. I’ve bought everything I wanted when I was 13. I have 110 lunch boxes, 700 video games and 4000 comic books. I guess you could say I’m just a big kid at heart.

Look for my interview with Kathleen Madigan next Tuesday. She’s one ex-journalist gone comedian you won’t want to miss.

Eavesdropping with Eva

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