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Sniffles, sneezes and … achoo!

Dr. Abraham offers patients alternative flu treatments

The temperature has been falling and recent chilly weather hassparked sniffles, scratchy throats and sure signs of the influenzavirus among some in the area.

Many, however, are not running to physicians for their annualdose of the flu vaccine, as word of the immunizations becomingunavailable has spread as quickly as the germs.

Soon after, Dr. Julie Gerberding, a top federal health official,”urged healthy people to defer getting their influenza shotsso medication will be available for those most at risk,”according to the release.

All hope may not be lost, though, as a recent trend of fluvaccine alternatives have hit the medical market, and the Lone StarState can boast one of the industry’s most successfulmen.

Malouf Abraham, Jr., M.D. — known to thousands as Dr.Abraham — has created what he markets as “naturalformulas for a healthy life,” which began as a series ofideas during one of the nation’s ugliest battles.

“I was put in charge of a large allergy clinic while withthe Air Force in Vietnam,” Abraham said. He conductedresearch on popular vaccines of the time and fostered the idea ofinjecting common germs into people in order to build a resistanceto infectious bacteria.

What differed about Dr. Abraham’s medications, however,was the all-natural approach. While other vaccines relied onchemicals that prompted warnings against the use of heavy machineryor operating vehicles, his formulas are derived from a mixture ofpollens, molds and dust.

In 1968, Abraham returned to Canadian — his small westTexas hometown of about 2,000 — and began using his newconcoction on patients; over the next 30 years, more than 46,000would come from around the globe to get a dose of the chemical-freetreatment.

“After I got a big Air Force award for my service withkeeping people healthy,” he explained, “I knew I couldcount on word of mouth to advertise. All I would need is onepatient.”

In 2001, Dr. Abraham gained national recognition when hepublicly released Allernon, a chemical-free oral remedy thatassisted the immune system in the fight against allergies.

Though his original vaccinations only protected the immunesystem against the common cold, two recent improvements have helpedDr. Abraham’s treatments to become more convenient andproductive.

“There have been new developments,” he said,”and allergy shots can be made into drops under thetongue.”

In addition, he has recently expanded the use of his oralvaccinations to cover the influenza virus, an especially pertinentenhancement for this year’s flu season.

Immuna-Flu, which has received attention from ABC, NBC, FOX, PBSand newspapers across the country, is described by Dr. Abraham as,”an all-natural, safe, affordable alternative to thetraditional flu vaccine.”

In order to make the treatment more appealing to children, Dr.Abraham added a cherry juice extract to improve the taste. His hopeis for people to use the current lack of flu vaccinations as areason to give his remedies a chance.

“A lot of people don’t want their body filled with abunch of chemicals,” Abraham said, “and Immuna-flu isgoing to be a perfect alternative for those people.”

The winter months can prove especially threatening to the immunesystems of college students, which is why Dr. Abraham emphasizesflu treatment for those within the close quarters of SMU.

“With all the mixing and mingling of a collegecrowd,” he remarked, “all on campus ought to be takingImmuna-flu.”

With his all-natural formulas, Dr. Abraham hopes for nothingmore than a healthier society.

“My prayer,” he said, “has been that theAllernon and Immuna-flu will make the world a better place andalleviate a lot of suffering.”

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