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Shooting from the hip

ReddZone on ice dancing, luge and ‘Hang Time’

Every year I manage to get a rambling column past my editor that has no coherent focus but that deals with train of thoughts a la Larry King in USA Today. Honestly, it’s because I had about 1,000 ideas but nothing that could materialize into a coherent column, so here goes:

Doesn’t Bode Miller have to win any Olympic medal before he gets to rip on famous athletes, brag about being drunk all the time and tell the world that he “does what he wants, when he wants”?

So, basically Miller is every frat guy at Homebar on a Thursday, and somehow he gets his own Nike commercial. Someone explain that to me.

At what point did Adam Morrison turn into the best player in America? I mean, he was good last year, but now it seems like he watches Duke just to see what J.J. Redick does and then goes out and does him one better for show.

Also, don’t tell me it is against inferior competition on which he averages 30 a game. He’s put up 43 on both Michigan State and Washington, and 34 on Memphis and now Stanford. Yes, the mustached man thinks defense is optional (Redick is definitely a better on-the-ball defender, Morrison a better team defender), but I’ll take him over Redick because of the variety of ways he can score and the nasty streak that has gotten him into multiple altercations this season.

Yes, I know P.J. Tucker plays for the Longhorns, and P.J. Brown the Hornets, despite the mix-up in last week’s column.

The fun part of my articles is that there is the added bonus of the game show overtaking the campus, “How many errors will there be in The Redd Zone this week?” The over/under is four. Betting is strongly encouraged among friends.

If someone yells out random phrases like, “Let’s go wrestle some Bears,” “My diet consists of steak and beer only” and “I did a 1,000 curls today,” it’s probably me overcompensating. Let’s just say the other night I caught myself watching ice dancing for a solid 10 minutes.

The reason is the amazing Tanith Belbin, who the NBC execs should label the human ratings spike, because the male population is all part of her fan base. Add this to the fact that I tune into “Dancing with the Stars” to watch the jaw-dropping Stacy Keibler, and one can understand why my manhood is slightly battered right now.

Did anyone see Dwayne Wade against the Pistons on Sunday? Seventeen points in a row to close out the game, including the game winner to bring the Heat back from 13 down in the fourth.

Flash hit a variety of step-backs and runners with Chauncy Billups, Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince all over him. Billups, who has led the league in game winning shots two of the last three years, matched Wade shot for shot, but passed off to Prince on the final play after being doubled. Prince’s potential winner missed long.

Unbelievable game, but if I were the Pistons I wouldn’t be too worried. Shaq played his best game of the season (31 points, eight boards), Wade put on his Superman suit, and Detroit still had a chance to win at the buzzer in a game in which the Pistons were just average.

How does one look at two-man luge and decide, “That’s what I want to do for the rest of my life?” I think it’s a fair question. Also, how do they decide who will be on top? No one wants the short end of that stick.

Remember a TV show a couple years back called “Hang Time”? Because most will try to play dumb, it came on after “California Dreams,” and it followed a high school basketball team that somehow had a smoking hot female point guard. Remember, three too many of the white guys could dunk because the hoops were like seven feet tall.

Don’t worry. Anthony Anderson, who played a team member, tries to forget it, too, now that he is a big shot Emmy-nominee on “The Shield.” The point is that the guy who coached some fake high school team just eight years ago is the first year head coach of a real life Division I team, New Mexico State.

All Reggie Theus has done is turn a team coming off a 6-24 season into a 10-win ball club with six games to go in the season. Theus, a three-time NBA all-star, got the gig after being Rick Pitino’s assistant at Louisville, but I choose to believe that his three league championships at imaginary Deering High School swayed the powers that be to give him a shot.

Trent Redden is a senior accounting and public policy major and an admitted fan of ice dancing. He can be reached at [email protected]

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