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Fall Senate session ends with inaugarations

Student Body President Liz Healy inaugurated three Senate members into new positions in the last Senate meeting of the semester yesterday.

In addition to the inauguration of newly elected Student Body Secretary Katherine Tullos, Theology Sen. David Mingus, recommended by the Executive Committee to serve as Student Issues Committee Chair and approved by the Senate, was also sworn in. Meadows Sen. Brooks Powell was inaugurated as Senate Speaker, following a quick nomination process and vote. Powell takes the place of Van Ann Bui, who announced her resignation near the beginning of the meeting.

Bui was not the only member of the Senate who resigned. Dedman II Sen. Jaclyn Durr, Meadows Sen. Emily Graham and Cox Sen. Lincoln Torrey each announced they would not be returning next semester. The Membership Committee is currently seeking applicants for these vacancies, as well as a new Organizations Committee Chair. Applications are available at

In addition to the turnover of positions, Senate approved a multitude of bills and resolutions.

A bill to fund $2,194 for the production costs of “Sharp Show,”a dance show directed and choreographed by senior dance majors, was approved without any major changes despite the Finance Committee’s recommendation to not fund the $100 requested for extra lighting.

Meadows Sen. Austin Kilgore, who authored the “Sharp Show” bill, faced more opposition with his bill to fund KPNI SMU radio $1,200 for capital improvements. The Finance Committee recommended that Senate fund $700, allowing for the purchase of one FM receiver as opposed to the three originally requested. The committee reasoned that two of the receivers, which were going to be installed in Virginia-Snider Hall and Moore Hall, were unnecessary, as residents could listen on their computers.

Senate agreed with the committee and approved an amended bill to fund $700.

A bill to fund $3,180 to the Perkins Student Association for the 2006 Women’s Week Celebration, written by Theology Sen. David Mingus, also faced some debate. This proposal, however, was ultimately approved without significant changes.

A resolution to amend the Student Body Constitution to allow graduate students within the Cox School of Business to be afforded with separate representation from the undergraduate business students was the most contentious item on the minutes yesterday.

Some senators, such as Law Sen. Kimberly Sellers and Mingus, wanted the resolution changed to include all graduate students.

“We need to make sure all voices are being heard,” Mingus said.

Torrey, who authored the resolution, said he had considered expanding the language, but was hesitant to create new seats without sufficient evidence that there was a large enough demand for them to be filled. Torrey also wanted to resolution to get passed as quickly as possible so it could be voted on in a school-wide election on Jan. 26. If it is voted on by this date, it can go into effect starting next semester.

“If Dedman graduate students express interest later, then we can accommodate them,” Dedman II Sen. Robin Millican said. “I think we should vote this up right now.”

Vice President Taylor Russ agreed with Millican and urged Senate to take “baby steps” with this kind of significant change.Senate approved the resolution without changes.

Two resolutions presented Tuesday were made to be considered as old business so Senate could vote on them immediately. A resolution recognizing and expressing gratitude for the ongoing support of SMU traditions by SMU alumnus Mike Miller and a resolution commending Brandon Miller’s dedication to the SMU community and wishing him the best in his future endeavors were both unanimously approved.

Senate will begin its spring session on Jan. 24

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