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Stacy answers your relationship questions

Q: What do you think are the main things guys do that are “deal breakers” or things that right from the start put guys into the “non-datable” category? – D

A: Dear D,

For each girl, this will vary. Overall, I would think hygiene makes the top ten list.

Habits, such as dirty fingernails, nose picking, yucky teeth, not showering on a daily basis, smelling like moldy cheese, wearing dirty clothes constantly and a generally disheveled appearance, makes girls cringe and gag. And for those men out there with these habits, it becomes unfair to you because girls will never get to know the real you, behind your dirt-encrusted nails and snotty boogers.

For some girls, dating a guy who is attached to his mother at the hip becomes a deal breaker.

She feels that she will always be competing with “mommy” for his love and attention or worst – second best.

For some girls, it can be cocky attitudes. Some girls think the meathead mystery is incredibly sexy while others stay far far away.

Who wants to date a guy that can’t get over himself enough to notice how cute you are?

Some girls consider guys who cling to their ex-girlfriends a deal breaker. They fear the possibility of the ex replacing their current status. Excess baggage isn’t something that wins gold trophies.

The main concerns revolve around caring.

If you like a girl, call her. Don’t play games with her and leaver her wondering. Don’t lead her on when you just want to be friends.

Don’t talk about yourself a lot. Don’t be too cool to care and show her you care. (Caution: Stage 5 clingers are no good.)

Know how to take a joke and make one.

Q: How do I get my mom to stop nagging me about doing well in school? I have a 3.5 GPA, but she’s still on my case and asks me about how I did on each individual test. — Mike

A: Dear Mike,

She may never stop. She is who she is.

However, you can stop allowing it to penetrate your mind and get under your skin.

When she starts badgering you, just let it go. I’m sure her intentions are good. Maybe try talking to her and telling her how it really makes you feel.

Make sure you don’t attack her verbally though. Sit down and sincerely address the issue. If anything, she will appreciate your honesty.

Don’t expect her to suddenly change just because you had a friendly chat with her. As I said before, she may never stop. But at least you can make her aware of how it affects you.

Q: Do guys really name their penises? — Kate

A: Dear Kate,

While I gather that it is not a primary hobby for men, the running joke is half true.

Think about the movie “Anchorman.” Remember Brian Fantana played by Paul Rudd? He named his penis “the octagon.”

Also, let’s recall “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” Andie Anderson, played by Kate Hudson, surprises Matthew McConaughey’s character, Benjamin Barry, with a nickname of her own. She calls his penis “Princess Sofia.”

Now think about how many times you’ve heard a guy friend call his penis “the octagon” (and hopefully not “Princess Sofia”) as a joke.

And then maybe he and his guy friends make jokes about what they would call theirs.

So, it happens. Guy friends have suggested to me that it is all about power because men and their penises are two separate entities.

It’s about being the master and controller of something.

One friend of mine said, “It’s almost like you’re one person and your penis is another.”

Stacy Seebode is a senior journalism and dance major. She writes a weeky column that apears every Friday. She can be reached at [email protected].

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