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Save Love Field

Imagine this –

You don’t have to leave for the airport three hours before your flight departs.

You no longer need to stress about the traffic on the way to D/FW International Airport.

Finally, you don’t have to pay an outrageous amount of money for a plane ticket.

Is this too good to be true?

Not if the Wright Amendment, which prohibits travel from Dallas Love Field to cities beyond the four surrounding states, is repealed.

Twenty-six years ago, the Wright Amendment was passed to protect a developing D/FW International Airport.

This amendment prohibits Southwest Airlines, which is based at Love Field, from having freedom in the skies.

For 34 years, Southwest Airlines has offered passengers affordable fares and efficient service. But, Southwest must obey the Wright Amendment from Love Field. On the other hand, American Airlines can charge passengers higher fares when it does not have competition with a low fare airline.

According to, American Airlines has set up a monopoly at D/FW that forces North Texans to pay an average business fare that is 48 percent higher than other airports in the nation.

Today, D/FW International Airport is the third busiest airport in the world. It has 140 gates and is continuing to grow. In contrast, Dallas Love Field has 32 gates, the maximum number the location will allow. Love Field will never be a threat in size or operations to D/FW.

Nonetheless, Southwest still cannot fly directly to cities beyond the amendment-approved states.

Times they are a changin’ – and it is time the Wright Amendment is repealed.

Southwest Airlines just wants to provide customers with cheap fares and convenience. It is not fair that other airlines, such as American, have freedom in the sky and Southwest does not.

According to a 1997 Dallas Morning News poll, most people from Dallas, Denton, Collin and Tarrant counties supported repealing the Wright Amendment. However, D/FW lobbyists are preventing Congress from taking this action.

North Texans ought to have a choice of what airline they fly and what airport they choose.

Dallas is known as a free-market city. But, Dallas is not living up to its reputation by limiting Love Field so airlines at D/FW can require people to pay higher prices.

As Southwest Airlines states, “Wright is Wrong! Set Love Free!”

Support the Wright Amendment repeal and join the Southwest Airlines action e-list at Spread the word to your friends. And, send a message to Congress telling them to set Love Field free.

Molly Pruett is a senior journalism major. She may be contacted [email protected].

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