Australian duo ‘Hermitude’ to perform at Dallas’ Lizard Lounge

Following the May release of their newest album ‘Dark Night Sweet Light,’ Australian duo Hermitude launched their North American tour Oct. 29 in New York.

Luke Dubber (“Dubs”) and Angus Short (“Elgusto”), multi instrumentalists from Australia, first began collaborating as teenagers in a band operated by Elgusto’s dad. The electronic pair first fell in love with hip-hop, but soon began making beats that evolved into tracks, coming together to form their first EP, ‘Imaginary Friends,’ in 2002.

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Thirteen years later, with the release of their fifth album and an international tour, Hermitude is at the top of their game. With musical influences ranging from dubstep to reggae and jazz, their variety in musical preferences translates over to their own musical styling, which is full of smooth R&B beats paired with soft and snappy “electro soul.”

“We try to listen to the current music that everyone is vibing on and creating and just let it soak in as an influence in to what we do,” Dubs said. “We’ve never been the kind of people who can recreate or copy a sound, we just let it seep into the way we write and let it come out in it’s own way as we make our own version of it.”

The duo, originally from Blue Mountains, Australia, is extremely well known throughout their home country and has won numerous awards, including the AIR Award for Best Electronic Album as well as defeating Flume and other major electronic artists for the Australian Music Prize.

In the States, Hermitude’s music has gained them much recognition, and they have performed at major music festivals including New York’s Governor’s Ball, New Orleans’ Buku and SXSW in Austin.

The Aussies will be returning to the Lone Star State Nov. 7 with their performance at Dallas’ Lizard Lounge.

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