Former Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr. shines in House of Blues performance

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On Thursday night, Albert Hammond Jr. performed at the House of Blues in Dallas, and he absolutely rocked it. The former guitarist of “The Strokes” made not just the stage, but also the entire building, his own. A set consisting of head bumping, arm throwing, and feet stomping rock n’ roll created an atmosphere full of fun and excitement that engulfed the entire room.

I stood in the very center of the crowd, with the perfect view of not too close but not too far in every direction. I had never seen Albert Hammond Jr. before and didn’t really know what to expect. Not only did his musical talent immediately blow me away, but his ability to control and excite the crowd was equally impressive.

There was a man a few rows ahead of me that didn’t stop jumping for nearly the entire performance. I genuinely have no idea how he was able to possess that level of energy, but when I think of the show, it’s less of a mystery. The music that shook the walls and blasted out of every speaker was the perfect boost. While I didn’t express my enjoyment with the same jubilance, I definitely caught myself bobbing my head to the beat more than once.

Hammond’s interactions continued to be a source of positive energy in the room. At one point he paused the set to address the crowd. Laughing along with his band, they went back and forth with each other until he called out one fan in the audience. We all turned to where Hammond had pointed, only to see a proposal in progress. He congratulated the newly engaged couple and proceeded to dedicate his next song to their happiness. It was a great moment for the entire crowd and I can only imagine how it felt for the two of them.

Besides his immense ability to ensure the crowd’s satisfaction, Hammond’s musical ability was something to behold. Hammond’s voice never wavered nor did his musical bravado. He hit notes from high to low and laid his quirky riffs perfectly in line with the rhythm provided by his drums. Everything flowed together flawlessly and led to one of the most enjoyable concert experiences I’ve had.

Hammond’s new album, “Momentary Masters” is available now.

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