New Starbucks in Dedman Rec Center attracts students

By Chloe Dinsdale


You are walking to class and you smell the sweet, bitter aroma of your favorite coffee shop coming from the Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports.

Curious, you approach the building and hear soft, relaxing, and surprisingly familiar tunes.

Then you see it.

The green logo of the two-tailed siren beaming through the windows… Starbucks Coffee has landed at the Dedman Center at SMU.

Inside the doors to the facility sits a full Starbucks counter with all your favorite drinks.

The setup is complete with the look and feel of every Starbucks Coffee shop.

Leather armchairs and tables for studying, a bar area to sip on your favorite drink, the famous energetic staff, and of course the wild aroma of coffee and mix of mild tunes fill the new coffee shop.

Students grab coffee and snacks before class, after a good workout, or even after a tan at the pool.

“I come to the new Starbucks to kill time between classes or to do homework,” says Sabrina Janski a senior at SMU. “There is always music playing and the employees are so great, they always have free samples of really yummy drinks.“

Sabrina Janski (left) and Kirsten Frick (right) enjoy theor drinks at the new Starbucks. Photo credit: Chloe Dinsdale

Freshman Kirsten Frick applauds SMU on the placement of the new Starbucks.

“I love the Starbucks at Dedman, it’s so close to my dorm,” said Frick. “I come here to get a snack sometimes and just to hang out with friends and do homework.”

The employees are also passing out samples, like mini apple pie ciders and Pumpkin Spice Frappuccinos, as people pass through the Dedman center.

The late business hours of the new Starbucks is an important feature for students. The counter is open for business until 10:00 p.m. on weekdays vary on the weekends.

The SMU Dining Services Facebook is doing a lot of promotion for the new location. They’re constantly posting drink promotions since it’s opening.


Students can stay updated on promotions and hours on the SMU Dining Services’ Facebook page.

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