POINT Ensemble wows audience with avant-garde spring concert

The POINT ensemble took center stage at Caruth Auditorium this Monday, April 2. Directed by Kim Corbet, the audience was taken through a little over an hour-long journey of improvisation.

Filled with a range of sounds and lighting, the 10-person cast captivated the audience with their spring concert. The show featured special guest Courtney Brown.

Audience member Nick Becker described the show. “It was so avant-garde,” he said. “I’ve never done acid, but that was a good way to show a bad trip. I’m not going to even try explaining it to someone.”

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The whole show was improvised. The way it flowed so smoothly made it hard to believe that it was created on the spot, but it added to the beauty and the true talent of the performers. Performers included Kendall Barnes, Del Cook, Jacob Hord, German Lopez, Matt Shaw, Allison Simpkins, Rodman Steele Jr. and Chandler Wagner.

POINT Ensemble is the Meadows improvisational and creative project class, experimenting in an electro-acoustic environment and working from the subconscious. The Spring Concert brought together a trippy, yet wonderful showcase the skills students have been working on all semester.

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