The poke craze hits Inwood Village with Mola Mola Poke

Over the last year, poke restaurants have popped up across Dallas each offering their own unique take on the Hawaiian dish. Traditional poke bowls consist of marinated fish, rice and fresh vegetables. Like a deconstructed sushi roll, these poke bowls are the fast-casual option to traditional sushi.

Poke has finally hit Inwood Village. Mola Mola Poke opened its doors in February, but is now dishing out some of the best poke bowls in Dallas. The restaurant is committed to serving fresh ingredients and sourcing sustainable seafood no matter the cost. They fly their fish in daily from the South Pacific and source new types of fish that are equally delicious and have healthy populations. Mola Mola Poke is even conscious of reducing their energy costs and using biodegradable cups, bowls and utensils.

More importantly, to the poke: Mola Mola features a walk up bar where you can order one of their signature bowls, or you can craft your own down the line of ingredients.

You can choose from a variety of proteins like wasabi salmon, spicy tuna, or for more eager eaters, octopus. Top off your bowl with pickled cucumbers, edamame, avocado and their marinated tobiko. Time to sauce up your bowl with options like their signature island shoyu, roasted sesame sauce or spicy aioli.

If making your own bowl gives you anxiety with the abundance of choices, check out some of their chef-inspired bowls. Their most popular bowl is called “The Mola Way” and is their only bowl where all of the ingredients are mixed together. The Mola Way is packed with ahi tuna, tobiko, cilantro, pickled cucumbers, avocado and crispy rice pearls.

Mola Mola Poke has brought the taste of Hawaii to Dallas, remaining true to the traditional dish with their marinated fish and fresh vegetables. Plus, their commitment to sustainability and being environmentally sound is something we can all get behind.

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