Three things to look forward to in Sunday’s Game of Thrones Season 6 premier

Summer is coming, but for HBO fans the arrival of winter is much more exciting. Winter is coming in less than five days when season six of Game of Thrones premiers on Sunday April 24.

The television series based on George R. R. Martin’s books series “A Song of Ice and Fire,” has strayed from the original plot line occasionally. After season five nearly caught up to all the released books, fans of Martin’s books find themselves in the dark with the start of season six.

Now all the book readers and series devotees are in the same nervous state of “What’s going to happen next!?!”

Here are the three most anticipated cliffhangers from the season five finale:

1. Khaleesi and the Dothraki

Season one throwback! Khaleesi finds herself a prisoner of the Dothraki again! We last saw Khaleesi in a field being surrounded by Dothraki. What good is being the Mother of Dragons if you can still get taken prisoner? The Dothraki are known for their aggressive nature so there is no guarantee they treat Khaleesi nicely.

2. Jon Snow’s Death

I know we all saw him die in the last episode. And I know this series loves to kill off our favorite characters. But no! This cannot be the end of Jon Snow! Or can it? Although anyone who still has a crush on Snow, don’t give up hope yet. Melisandre is at the wall and as a red priestess maybe some of her magic could reverse this tragedy.

3. Sansa and Theon’s Jump

In the books, Sansa was never in this situation, so even George R. R. Martin is guessing on this one! Last we saw these two, the prisoners were jumping into the snow. Are they alive? Frostbitten? Injured? Or will they successfully make it to freedom?

Spoiler Alert: If you simply cannot wait another minute check out a Game of Thrones Season six trailer here.

Sunday at 9 p.m. cannot come fast enough.

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