Two more pop-up art installations come to Dallas

Dallas brings two more Instagram-worthy pop-up art museums, Candytopia and Snap151.

Candytopia, founded by candy-queen Jackie Sorkin, is a whimsical art experience inspired by the vibrant colors and flavors of candy. You may know Sorkin from her appearances on the Food Network, Good Morning America, TLC, and plenty of other TV networks and shows. sweet and lively art installation offers over a dozen different features such as a marshmallow tsunami and animals, statues and more intricately made out of real candy. Candytopia resides at The Hill on Walnut Hill Lane. Tickets are $23-$30, which are available on the Candytopia website.

Like Candytopia, Snap151 is open to the public.

This new pop-up is an interactive photo studio ideal for the perfect Instagram photo filled with bright colors and photo-ops. You can take pictures filled with mega-sized props, eye-catching backgrounds, and tons of neon and sparkles.

You can find Snap151 hidden in Mockingbird Station. Tickets are $20, and the installation is in Dallas through May 19.