Casewell Fellowship Grapples with COVID Challenges

Editors Note: This video was originally created in May of 2022.

Since March of 2020, COVID-19 has come a long way and seems to be slowly going away. Caswell Leadership Fellows Meredith Lloyd and Lily Smyth created their impact project but said COVID-19 was a burden.

Meredith Lloyd, a 2020-2021 fellow, launched the Yellow Brick Project to help underprivileged kids in low-income areas have the tools they need to go on their path to college. Her program was implemented at McElvaney Commons for their engaged Dallas Program. Lloyd wanted to create a sense of purpose during COVID and always valued higher education. This project was extremely fulfilling for her.

Lily Smyth is currently in the process of launching her project, clean@smu, a clean beauty platform and organization. Clean@smu will promote clean beauty and a clean lifestyle regarding users and the environment. While clean@smu has already established itself on social media, the official launch will happen in the fall of 2022.