SMU’s Jaden Warren wins top varsity speaker, debater awards

Warren (Right), at Middle Tennessee State University with top varsity speaker and debater awards.

SMU debater Jaden Warren is on a winning streak. The junior has four wins under his belt just one month after competing in an international parliamentary debate for the first time.

Warren took home two first place trophies in last weekend’s Middle Tennessee State University debate in Murfreesboro, Tenn. He won the top varsity speaker and debater awards.

Warren said the win was exhilarating, but it did not come easy.

“The competition was fierce, since approximately half of the field was comprised of debaters from Union University, the top IPDA (International Public Debate Association) debate program in the country,” Warren said.

The public policy major debated over a wide range of topics during his weekend in Tennessee, including whether police violence should be our nation’s top priority, whether immigrants should be naturalized and whether PCs or consoles are better for gaming.

“I won the tournament by advocating that ‘E-textbooks are the future of education,’” Warren said.

Warren competed in a Whitworth University tournament in Spokane, Wash. during the weekend of Oct. 24. In this tournament, Warren won in the varsity division and earned the fourth place speaker award. Debating at this tournament was a lot different than debating at the previous competition at TCU, Warren said.

“The debaters in Washington emphasized analysis rather than rhetoric, which required adaptation in debate style to stay competitive,” Warren said.

Warren won the top speaker award at the co-hosted TCU and University of Kentucky debate tournament in early October. This tournament was Warren’s first time competing in an international parliamentary debate.

Warren will be competing at East Texas Baptist University in Marshall, Texas Nov. 13-14.

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