Brown Bag Dance Series shows off dancer’s skills, unites SMU community

Editor’s note, Oct. 14, 8:50 p.m.: This story has been updated throughout.

Many students, staff members, and families crowded in front of the Bob Hope Theatre in the Owens Art Center on Thursday, eagerly awaiting SMU Division of Dance’s Brown Bag Dance Series. As soon as the dancers walked onto the floor, the energy and excitement were spread throughout the room.

Dancers in the 2015 Brown Bag Series. Photo credit: Cameron Luttrell

Brown Bag runs from Oct. 5 to Oct. 9.Dancers put on a student-choreographed performance for anyone who wishes to attend the event. The last performance is tomorrow at 12 p.m.

There are nine unique pieces in the series. Some are lighthearted and humorous, such as the piece called “Painters” that stars dancers Hope Endrenyi and Grace Cuny. Other performances are more serious, like the intimate dance “Romanced,” performed by Malory Ketch and Mike Stone.

The Brown Bag dancers say they have practiced their pieces intensely for six to seven weeks.

“It’s been go, go, go everyday to try to finish the dances as soon as possible, so it’s pretty stressful but really fun at the same time,” sophomore Ashton Leonard said.

The effort and hard work from the dancers does not go unnoticed by the SMU community.

“Brown Bag is one of the best events on campus. I’m a super fan,” said Diana Antohe, an SMU alumni who came back to SMU to specifically attend the series.

The performances not only showcase the skills of the Brown Bag dancers, but brings the SMU community together, said other attendees.

“It’s cool that it’s open to the whole campus. It’s very accessible and you can get up close,” said Angie Reisch, a sophomore audience member.

Deepa Liegal, a junior Brown Bag dancer, said one of her favorite parts of being in the series is the sense of community and involvement from the dancers and SMU.

“The whole school and everyone in the dance division comes to celebrate the talents,” Liegal said.

The performance ended with a fun, upbeat piece called “Jet Set” that had the crowd cheering. Eight performers, dressed in flight attendant uniforms and some carrying suit cases, danced to the song “Aaron Tviet” from the musical Catch Me If You Can.

“Welcome aboard Brown Bag Airlines,” a voice over the loudspeaker said. “Sit back, relax, and enjoy your in flight entertainment.”

For those of you who have yet to take a trip on Brown Bag Airlines, make sure to catch the last show tomorrow.

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