Consensus among local Super Tuesday voters: not Trump

By Page Walker, Bridger Warlick, and Bridget Graf

Editor’s note, March 1, 3:50 p.m.: This story has been updated throughout.

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Signs pointing to the Grenada Ave. polling place. Photo credit: Bridget Graf

Voters across 12 states took to the polls Tuesday for Democratic and Republican primaries, nicknamed Super Tuesday. Here in Texas, candidates are vying for the largest number of delegates available today: 222 Democratic delegates and 155 for Republicans. Turnout across North Texas has hit record highs, but this particular polling location was sparsely populated.

Nonetheless, we took to the streets of Highland Park Middle School lined with political yard signs to ask voters who they voted for and why. Notably, about half of the voters we asked chose not to disclose their candidate of choice.

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The doors of the polls in Highland Park. Photo credit: Bridger Warlick

When asked who he was supporting in the election, William Fegan of Highland Park was confident with his choice.

“Ted Cruz because he is a principled conservative. There is really no other principled conservative on the list,” Fegan responded.

Another male voter, who asked to remain anonymous, expressed his support for Marco Rubio.

“Trump scares the heck out of me. I don’t think he represents the values of the U.S.A.,” he said.

Local voter Daniel Crawford did not disclose his candidate of choice, but he did say who he won’t be voting for.

“Nobody whose name rhymes with Ronald Stump,” Crawford said.

Crawford said he has strong views about pro-life causes, so he chose a candidate based on that particular issue.

Southern Methodist University student Kristin Kapusta came out to the polls to vote and have her voice heard on Super Tuesday. Kapusta shared that she voted for Bernie Sanders.

“I think he has the right idea for the future of America,” Kapusta said.

Several voters were coming to cast their vote for their congressional nominee. Cristin Parker showed us her Russ Ramsland t-shirt hidden under her sweater.

“Russ is the best candidate for the Republicans,” said Parker.

Russ Ramsland is running against incumbent congressman Pete Sessions for Texas’ 32nd congressional district, which includes SMU. Check out Ramsland and Rep. Sessions‘ websites.

The closest poll to SMU is located at 3555 Granada Ave, just a few blocks away, if you still need to vote. Polls close at 7 p.m. CST.

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