Engineering Students Rally Together

Lyle engineering students are rallying together to promote community and innovation with Cafe Lyle.

Students set up a make shift cafe in the lobby of Caruth Hall to stress the need for a community space in the engineering school.

The cafe included free coffee, orange juice and snacks for students passing through the lobby.

“I think what a cafe does is bring people together,” said Engineering student Caleb Kyle. “When we have people together, we have a really tight knit community and that community will foster collaboration, creativity and idea sharing.”

Kyle headed the initiative for Cafe Lyle and hopes it will lead to a permanent cafe to inspire creativity and community among engineering majors.

Kyle and other engineering students promoted the event with stickers posted around the school and by writing on whiteboards in classrooms.

Bean bag chairs were placed in the lobby as well along with a study table for students to do homework together and come together through collaboration.

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