Faruk named Student Trustee

Junior Rahfin Faruk was named Student Trustee for
the upcoming 2014-2015 school year.

“I had to pinch myself,” Faruk said on receiving the news. “I’m humbled by this opportunity.”

Faruk will serve as a full voting member on the Board of Trustees, a privilege few schools offer their students. The Board of Trustees, which consists of 41 other members, serves as the governing body for the university. Faruk has yet to decide which committee he would sit on, but would have a choice between the Academic Planning, Policy and Management Committee and the Finance Committee.

He will also sit on the Executive, Trusteeship and Legal and Governmental Affairs Committee. Faruk served as the Student Representative to the Academic Planning, Policy, and Management Committee for the 2013-2014 school year.

Faruk, a President’s Scholar majoring in political science, economics, public policy and religious studies, and recently named Truman Scholar, is excited about providing a unique perspective as Student Trustee.

“The Board of Trustees often takes a long-term, bird’s-eye view,” Faruk said. “My job, as Student Trustee, is to be in the tunnels, to take a worm’s-eye view, if you will, outside of Board activities.

“I hope to serve as an effective communicator between our student body and our university’s governing body.”

Eight student representatives to the Board of Trustees’ standing committees were selected as well.

Liz Dubret will serve as representative to the Development and External Affairs committee, Katelyn Hall to Academic Policy, Planning and Management, Carissa Laughlin to Building and Grounds, Will Smith to Athletics, Will Slack to Investments, Matt Montsinger as Finance and Audit Liason, and Mehdi Hami and Sarah Tuohy to the Student Affairs Committee.

Re-elected Student Body President Ramon Trespalacios will continue to serve as an ex-officio representative to the student affairs committee.

Faruk looks forward to serving as Student Trustee during a critical time for the university.

“Both the present and future of our university are incredibly bright,” Faruk said. “The core goals and priorities of the Second Century Campaign — from attracting high-achieving students to engaging community — are emblematic of where we are headed.”

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