Helping Transfer Students Get Involved on Campus

The Office of the Student Experience’s Transfer Table is an answer for transfer students wondering how to get more involved on Fridays in the Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

Faculty, staff, new transfer students and upperclassmen discuss the challenges of changing universities and how to overcome them together.

“They will come in here, sit and chat with other transfer students,” event leader Audrey Epperly said. “They are either transfer students that came in this semester or ones from previous semesters.”

Transfer students choose which of these tables to sit at with new and old friends.
Transfer students choose which of these tables to sit at with new and old friends. Photo credit: Grace Lawrence

This event is part of a five-week series in the spring semester to help transfer students acclimate to their new school. It recurs every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Many transfer students appreciate a dedicated time and space to meet with others going through the same experiences as them.

“I think that has really helped with social networking and meeting other people,” transfer student James Cors said.

Cors said he appreciates how the university is helpful in providing a network for all students to be set up for success after graduation.

Monica Perez liked the transfer table event for similar reasons. “I think it has been very helpful in meeting and connecting with other transfer students,” she said.

Students talk about more than just transferring to SMU. They about everything from the Dallas Stars to their favorite classes while munching on JD’s Chippery’s fresh cookies and Invasion’s chicken sandwiches.

Student Transfer Table event at SMU with flyers and coozies and promotional materials.
Grab some swag ... the Transfer Table provides informational accessories to take home after the event. Photo credit: Grace Lawrence

Epperly also said many familiar faces come back every week. They enjoy having the same space to rely on to see their new friends they have made since the first Transfer Table that took place in January.

“I love when they walk in and get excited about seeing the same people from the week before,” Epperly said. “When they sit by new people, they’ll swap phone numbers to keep in touch.”

You can find more information on the Transfer Table at SMU Connect.