Local ‘Stangs speaks out about voting

Voting in the general elections may be a few days away, but there is still plenty to be done in the meantime. We asked a few Texas Mustangs why they would be voting in the congressional and gubernatorial races on November 4.

“I vote because it allows me enter the conversation about the well being of my community—a conversation that matters too much to ignore.” —Matthew Anderson, Junior

San Antonio, Texas: “I vote because it gives us a change to make a difference in our government. It gives us a voice and it is the most impactful way we can affect the leadership and the decisions made in this country.” —Kevelyn Rose, Junior

Cedar Hill, Texas: “So, the reason I vote is three fold. First, I feel it is my civic duty to be an active citizen. My parents have always voted and emphasized its importance. Second, as a young Millennial, the results of elections now influence the policies and laws enacted for the next decades, a time when I and others of my generation will be affected the most, as we are finding jobs, getting married, raising families, buying houses, etc. Lastly and most importantly for me, as a minority member of society, a gay male, I am not currently granted all the rights that my heterosexual counterparts may enjoy. Therefore, I find it incredibly important that I use the rights I have to empower myself to receive the rights I yearn for. The act of voting is one of the ways I can pursue the changes I wish to see.” —Ian Stack, Senior

Dallas, Texas: “I vote because I see it as my responsibility as a citizen to serve my community by participating in elections. Even if I don’t become involved with a campaign or go out advocating for a certain cause, I think it’s still important to learn about the candidates and issues, then register my opinion by voting.”–David Lee, Senior

Plano, Texas: “I vote because I have a responsibility to add my voice to our community. Before I can complain about what so and so is or isn’t doing, I have to be conscious of the decisions I made. Did I do my research on the candidates? Did I vote for people that I believed would improve the community best? At the end of the day, what’s most important for me is that the people who are most qualified for the job are put in those positions. Even if it’s just one vote, it’s all that matters.”–Tien Dang, Junior

Sachse, Texas: “I vote to have a voice because I have been silent for too long and need to stand up for what I believe in because I want to see Dallas improve.”–Savannah Smith, Senior

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