Dedman Center installs new ID card scanners

Students will no longer have to struggle with getting through that tiny turnstile gate while swiping your ID card at Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports. New gates installed over winter break allow a wider entrance through a simple tap of a card.

Photo credit: Alexis Kopp

The scanners have a sleeker look, but the new gates are requiring students to always have their ID card with them. Starting Feb. 4 an ID is required for everyone entering the gym–even those attending class. This will affect students in PRW classes.

“I’m sure there will be a lot more late students as students get acclimated to the new system,” Dedman Center student worker Lucas Gentry said.

Previously there was a hand reader along with the ID scanner so that if students forgot their cards they could still enter the gym. Unfortunately, the hand reader was unreliable and continually crashed the Dedman Center’s system.

Dedman Center management is working on coming up with a new identification method that does not require a card.

“The important thing is identification. We need to know who comes in and comes out of the gym,” Gentry said.

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