Real-time shuttle tracking is here

SMU students no longer need to question the location of their SMU shuttle. Simply download DoubleMap in the App Store or view it online. The service is available for tracking both the SMU Express (768) and the Museum Express (743) shuttles.

The app is user-friendly; after selecting SMU Shuttles from the list of buses, the screen will display a map of routes. Users have the ability to show and hide individual routes.

Map that identifies where and when the next shuttles will be. Photo credit: Merrit Stahle

The app also has a “Favorite Stops” category where it remembers places users frequently stop. The interactive map displays stops with the ETA of the next bus. Users can also view the bus while on a route and see its route number and letter.

SMU Shuttle Map
The DoubleMap App lets users view the map, select a route, and easily access favorite stops. Photo credit: Merrit Stahle

Download DoubleMap in the App Store or visit


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