Sigma Chi fraternity faces indefinite suspension

The SMU Sigma Chi House. (Courtesy of Facebook)

The Sigma Chi fraternity is placed on indefinite suspension as a result of a neighbor’s claims stating that students have been harassing him for months.

Members of the fraternity living in an off campus house in the 5600 block of Ellsworth Avenue in the M Streets neighborhood have retaliated against their neighbor’s noise complaints by excessively harassing the couple.

According to ABC, Tim O’Connell 42, and his wife faced problems after complaining about the students’ noise. The couple set up security cameras in their backyard that captured the students urinating, writing obscenities in the snow and throwing what’s suspected to be raw meat on their property.

“They tell me to go ‘F’ myself all the time,” O’Connell said in an interview with KHOU.

When O’Connell brought to attention that their behavior was unacceptable, the young men responded saying, “they pay rent and they can do whatever they want– it’s their right” according to KHOU.

Some of the students living in the off-campus house are confirmed members of the Sigma Chi fraternity at SMU. The fraternity’s national chapter announced the Delta Mu chapter is under indefinite suspension because of the dispute.

“We do not condone or endorse the actions we have been made aware of,” Sigma Chi’s national chapter said in a statement to ABC News.

The university is currently working with the Dallas Police Department to identify the students involved. The Daily Campus will report once more information is provided.

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