SMU bodybuilding competition returns in March

SMU’s annual bodybuilding competition will return March 31. More than 50 people are expected to watch the male and female competitors.

The Mr. and Ms. SMU Fitness/Bodybuilding competition is an opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills to an audience and more importantly, judges.

“It’s kinda the big event for Dedman in the spring,” said Dedman Center for Lifetime Sports worker Emily Castillo, who watched the performance last year.

Castillo recalls how tough it is to train for a competition like this.

“I was one of 5 girls who competed in the Strong Man Competition,” Castillo said. She explained that contestants must constantly watch what they eat and workout consistently.

Participants perform a set routine and preselected poses on stage. The judges then tally scores and get the audience’s feedback.

SMU students performing in Hughes-Trigg Photo credit: (PHOTO BY GRACE ROBERTS / SMU DAILY MUSTANG)

Trophies are awarded for first through third place. Students who place in first get their picture placed on the “Wall of Champions” located on the lower floor of the Dedman Center.

The weight room in the basement of the Dedman Center is a popular place for students to seek training and advice before the competition.

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