SMU students share summer plans

It’s 77 degrees on SMU’s campus on April 24, just two weeks before finals begin. With the sun shining, campus is constantly busy as the last few weeks of the year creep up on students. The campus culture is positive, as the students are getting excited for their summer vacations before they enter finals week.

Many freshmen are eager to begin their first summer of college, and have just completed, hopefully, a successful first year at SMU. Visiting new friends and spending time with older ones adds up to a fun-filled summer for these students.

SMU freshman Chandler Cade is still enthusiastic about the school year even though it is almost over.

“I would describe the campus culture for freshmen at this point of the year as still very upbeat and exciting!” Cade said. “There are always things going on and never a dull moment. I’m excited to go home and see my family and friends from high school, but I’m also sad to leave all the new friends I’ve made here.”

Many sophomore students will be getting internships or taking summer classes to jump ahead, but not before they get to celebrate the fact that they are halfway through college.

SMU sophomore Emily Taxman is looking forward to her study abroad experience.

“I’m so excited to kick off my summer by studying abroad through the Cox London Business Internship program,” Taxman said. “I will be taking a finance course and interning during my time there. I’ll be there with some of my SMU friends so we’re excited to study, work, and be able to explore parts of Europe!”

Juniors are now becoming seniors, the daunting title that they receive the minute they finish their last final. They will now try to balance a fun and successful summer that will hopefully improve their resumes as well.

Rising SMU senior Sophie Holt is still unsure of what her summer will bring.

“This summer I am hoping to be working in my hometown of Washington, D.C. but am still waiting to hear back about the internships I applied for,” Holt said. “I’m most nervous about not enjoying what I do this summer, because I would love to have an internship at a place where I could see myself working after college.”

Finally, seniors will be beginning there first post-grad year in a variety of ways, from starting jobs the week after graduation to heading home for the summer before settling into new careers.

SMU senior Joanna Fennessy has noticed that she has grown nostalgic in these last weeks of her college career.

“As second semester seniors, I would say we are spending less time on campus due to less classes and jobs,” Fennessy said. “But as we approach graduation, the collective campus culture is strong and mixed with nostalgia, happiness, and bittersweet emotions. We are soaking up the last few weeks of college and enjoying each others’ company!”

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