The Pony Pod: Episode 3, The Period Project

You’re getting ready to leave your home in the morning, coffee in one hand, your phone in the other, and your bag over your shoulder. As you hop into your car, you place your bag in the passenger seat and look to make sure you have everything you need.

Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Charger? Got that.

Toilet Paper!? Oh wait, you don’t need that. Well…you need it, but you don’t need to pack it. Why? because almost every public place provides toilet paper for you. Can you imagine the chaos if they didn’t?

Well, many people don’t have to imagine. Almost every girl I know has had to experience the indescribable panic of sitting in a bathroom stall and realizing you don’t have menstrual products with you.

What if that changed. What if those products could be as readily available to you as toilet paper? For SMU pre-med student Marie Joung, that’s the goal.

On episode 3 of The Pony Pod, we speak with Marie Joung about “The Period Project,” and her fight to make SMU the first campus in Texas to provide these products in restrooms for free.

Help Marie with her project by filling out the Period Project survey.

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