Student Senate Recap: Sept. 15

Editor’s note, Oct. 14, 2:35 p.m.: This story has been updated throughout.

When Student Senator Chase Harker presented the RECESS pitch for his third time in front of the council Tuesday afternoon there was a notable change in the room. Harker’s request was for $1000 to fund an entrepreneurship event hosted by RECESS.

Harker spoke about the various organizations and departments on campus that supported the event. However, as different senators voiced their concerns, they stated that after checking with many so-called “supporters” of the event that most everyone replied that they had either not even heard of the event or had not given their support.

In the end, Harker was able to clear up the miscommunication by offering proof of conversations with supporters and the pitch went to a vote. The pitch did not pass; the vote included 23 “nays” and 19 “ayes,” one of the closest votes many senators have seen during their time on the council.

“Although I am disappointed, I am happy we got to have a great debate this afternoon,” Harker said to the room after hearing the decision.

“The goal of the company is just to make money, they aren’t looking to help students. They are looking for college campuses to partner with so they can come on campuses and make more money,” said Chris Warley, a senior senator majoring in finance and journalism, who voted against the pitch.

Student Senate in the middle of a debate. Photo credit: Olivia Marcus

In other business, all new members were voted and initiated into the council.

“I joined to meet more people and to represent Meadows and transfer students, ” said Madisen Reid, a transfer sophomore senator. The new senators recited their inaugural pledge with enthusiasm and took to their new senate seats.

“There are lots of fresh and excited faces, looks to already be an interesting year,” said Connor Volz, Student Body Vice President, while commenting on that day’s senate meeting.

Student Senate meetings are held at 3:30 p.m. every Tuesday on the ground floor of Hughes-Trigg.

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