Students concerned about A-LEC

The semester has officially kicked off and students are getting back on the study grind.

Lucky, or not so lucky for SMU students, the Altshuler Learning Enhancement Center (A-LEC), on the corner of Ford Stadium, provides all undergraduate students with tutoring free of charge.

A-LEC has many qualified tutors, flexible hours, and offers help in all areas of study. Although, it seems as that students are not as pleased with the A-LEC, contrary to what some believe.

A-LEC is near Ford Stadium

SMU junior Claire Johnson said she went to get help on chemistry freshman year and hasn’t been back. “My tutor was not paying attention to me and we were in a big room with a bunch of other people who weren’t paying attention.”

Sabrina Janksi, also a SMU junior said she thought the A-LEC was OK. “I got help for math and I really liked my tutor. But I had another tutor the next time I went and that wasn’t very helpful. It really depends on who you get.”

Johnson and Janski both agreed that the A-LEC concept is great, but there is room for improvement in the selection of tutors.

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