Support still strong for Wendy Davis

FORT WORTH– The mood has been positive throughout the night at Davis’ watch party in Fort Worth even though Gubernatorial Candidate Wendy Davis has lost to Republican Candidate Greg Abbott.

Davis’ Campaign Manager Chris Turner welcomed the crowd before Davis took the stage.

“She stood up, literally and figuratively, for a very long time to protect women’s reproductive rights… She’s empowered all of us, every single Texan, to hold our leaders accountable,” Turner said.

Davis took the stage to give her concession speech to a welcoming, warm crowd despite the cold night. She began by thanking her family and remembering her late father who raised her to be a “strong-willed woman who ended up running for governor”. She spoke about how she wished Abbott the best during a phone call earlier.

“It’s in every Texans interest that he has a successful 4 years,” Davis said.

She choked up while telling her supporters “It’s okay to be disappointed. [It’s not okay] to be discouraged.” The audience broke out in “Love you’s!” and cheers of support.

“What we’ve done [during this campaign] is nothing short of extraordinary. This was a fight to make sure that seat belongs to you, that your voice is there. That justice and equality are there. We won because day by day, day after day, you showed up. This has been the best fight [Texas] has seen in history,” Davis said.

Davis kept stressing that the fight is not over.

“My friends, we can make of this state what we will, but it will not be easy… fighting for what we believe is never easy.”

Davis then quoted scripture saying “the battle does not go to the swift or to the strong, but the one who endures to the end.”

As her speech came to a close, she thanked everyone for giving her the “privilege of a lifetime”.

“I’m asking you to keep fighting alongside me, our work is not done. My friends keep believing with me, keep fighting with me. We will win. God bless you all,” Davis said.

As she walked off the stage, “It’s a beautiful day” by U2 played, and she began to mingle with her supporters and staff.

Overall, the mood was somber when the results came in, but her supporters and staff still believe she will do great things in the world of politics.

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