Three ways to decorate your dorm for the holidays

By Jane Jestus

Take a break from finals preparations to decorate your dorm for the Holiday Season.

‘Tis the season’ to study for finals! With the countdown to Christmas break quickly coming to a close, the majority of campus is been in a constant state of studying. Prep for finals often means your dorm room is neglected, bed is unmade, and the top of your desk is covered in papers and textbooks.

If you’ve been swept up in exam prep, take a break from studying and get in the Christmas Spirit.

Why not give your dorm room holiday facelift, to remind you how close winter break is! These three Christmas craft ideas will turn your dorm room into a cozy study area just in time for the Holidays.

Now turn on the Pandora Christmas station, grab a holiday latte from Starbucks, and get crafty!


1. Lights

Highland Park village isn’t the only place you can view Christmas Lights this season! Adding Christmas lights to your dorm room is one of the cheapest and easiest way to decorate and will instantly make the dorm room sparkle. Lights come in all different shapes and sizes and can be purchased anywhere from Target to Urban Outfitters.

Wrap the lights around your bedpost and bed frame or hang them from the ceiling to create a border around the room. White lights provide a classic holiday vibe and are adaptable for year-round use. However, colored lights are perfect for the season and scream, “Christmas!”

To hang you’re the lights, use Command hooks or strong, clear tape to keep them from falling and to keep your walls from tearing.

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2. Wrapping Paper

While it is not recommended to wrap an entire dorm in wrapping paper, a wrapped door is the perfect Christmas present.

During the holiday season, wrapping paper can be found in just about every store and is a necessary part of gift giving. Put your excess paper to good use and spread Christmas cheer through the dorm hallway. Wrap your door in wrapping paper and use ribbon to create a bow. Add personalized stockings for you and your roommate and Voila, every time you come back to your room, you’ll smile!

Photo credit: Pintrest

3. Paper snowflakes

You don’t have to trek to Fondren to enjoy the winter weather, simply deck your room with paper snowflakes to create a Winter Wonderland. It is super simple to create intricate snowflake decoration, and it can be done while watching Christmas movies on Netflix during your study break. Just take some white paper, fold it into a small square, and cut shapes into the folded paper.

These can go everywhere and anywhere in the dorm room! Tape them to the walls or attach them to a piece of string and hang them from the ceiling.

This youtube video by Art TV is the perfect tutorial for creating 6 pointed paper snowflakes.

Whether you are feeling extra Christmassy this year or are just focused on surviving finals, take a break to decorate your dorm room and celebrate the festive season!

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