What to do in case of a campus shooter

National Night Out hosted a school shooter simulation on campus to help educate students and faculty on what to do in case something like this ever occured. Here are their top five tips.

Students prepare for the shooter simulation. Photo credit: Isabella Von Habsburg

1. 911 might not be your best option.

Almost everyone’s first reaction is to call the police at 911, that’s what we’ve been taught since we were little. But 911 calls get sent to a dispatcher and then back to your area, which wastes precious seconds. Your best option is to call (214)768-3333 which will call SMU emergency services directly.

Even better would be to put this number in your phone now, so it’s already in your contacts.

2. If you can, run.

This is your best option. Get as far away as possible. If you can, get into a building and behind a locked door. As soon as you enter the building be sure to yell, “Lockdown, active shooter!”

Alert as many people as possible and then get to a secure location.

SMU Police Captain Jemmott acts out shooter simulation. Photo credit: Isabella Von Habsburg

3. If you can’t run, hide.

If you’re outside, hide in bushes or behind buildings. If you’re inside, go deeper into the building and get behind a locked door. Stay calm, quiet, and silence your cell phones. Don’t leave until told to do so by a uniformed police officer.

4. As a last resort, fight.

Only as a last resort should you fight. Do not attack the shooter unless you are sure it is safe to do so and that they have no more ammunition.

5. Every shooter is different.

Depending on the location, time of day and many other factors, it’s hard to have a formula for what to do. These tips are helpful but adjust them to the specific situation.

SMU Police Captain Jemmott acts out shooter simulation Photo credit: Isabella Von Habsburg

To know more go to the SMU Emergency website. Also, be sure to follow SMU on social media and make sure your phone number on my.smu is up to date to receive any warnings about potential dangers on campus.

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