What we will miss most at the State Fair of Texas

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At 24 days, the State Fair of Texas is longest running fair in the nation. Unfortunately, today is the last day to enjoy all the fair has to offer. We have to say our goodbyes to petting cute baby animals, eating fried foods and snapping pictures with Big Tex. What will we miss the most? What won’t we miss saying good riddance to.


Fried Foods: You can be a health freak but when it comes to the fair, don’t even think about counting calories. You can’t leave the fair without getting a jumbo corn dog or turkey leg. They even added crazy new foods to the list including deep fried chicken noodle soup and fried fruit loops. If you want to step out of your comfort zone, try a crawfish lollipop or beer battered beef jerky. We can’t vouch how much we will miss those fair foods though.

Livestock: The State Fair of Texas attracted animal lovers everywhere with livestock varying from roosters to baby goats. Let’s not forget the llamas, ponies, zebras, goats, camels and lambs. Not only do you get to learn about the animals, you also get to pet them. Let’s not forget the after hours at the petting zoos where all the animals are able to run freely and play after 10:00 p.m. in the Ranch Arena. As for the smell, we won’t miss that too much.

Entertainment: The state fair has constant entertainment from live music, attractions and nightly parades. When it comes to music, they don’t play around. They have four stages with live music every day. The midway is where childhood dreams become reality. We will definitely miss the Texas State Ferris Wheel that overlooks Dallas. If you’re scared of heights, you’re probably better off if you skipped the midway rides.


Memories: The State Fair of Texas comes every fall like clockwork. If Texas had its own seasons, the State Fair would definitely be one of them. You might leave the fair feeling like you ate a lifetime supply of food and smell like hay, but it’s all worth it. Nobody does it like Texas because everything is bigger and better in the Lonestar state.

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