Leave the trophies for the kids – why award shows aren’t that great

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I love spring. There’s baseball, somewhat decent weather, and March Madness. However, something keeps me from loving this time of year even more.

I have mixed feelings about award shows. It might be because I don’t understand the logic behind them, or it might be because I don’t want to spend four hours of my Sunday night watching celebrities pretend to like each other.

I never acquainted myself with award shows, but I started paying attention to them in 2009. Everybody knows of the incident in which Kanye West stole Taylor Swift’s spotlight at the MTV Video Music Awards. At that moment, I despised award shows having to do with music because I will never celebrate somebody like West, and I am not a fan of most of today’s music.

When it comes to film and television awards, I’m a little more lenient because I can tolerate the people associated with those aspects of entertainment, and I’m a die-hard comedy fan.

The one thing I will never understand, no matter what type of award show, is the need to win a trophy.

Do people need a trophy just to show that they are successful? For singers, album sales should be enough satisfaction. TV stars only need ratings, and movie stars need box office numbers.

To seek approval from a specific organization is ridiculous. It’s like entertainers are only successful if a group says they are. I would think fans saying they like the music or show should be enough.

Having to win a shiny piece of metal to show your importance is child’s play. If I were an actor or a singer and I didn’t win an award, I would not care as long as my fans still liked what I do. Fans’ words will always mean more to me than material things, and maybe that’s why Leonardo DiCaprio is so successful.

With the need to prove your importance over others becoming the norm, things like award shows will continue to exist. I wish they wouldn’t, but these organizations would not take me seriously because I don’t have any Oscars or Grammys to prove my credibility.

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