Quitting For Good

I need a second opinion. My mom has been a cigarette smoker most of her life much to everyone’s dismay. She’s tried and failed to quit several times over the course of my life. This past holiday, she admitted that the nicotine patches her doctor suggested didn’t work.

She claims that part of what makes quitting so difficult is the anxiety of her job as an ER nurse. I can understand that. The atmosphere is hectic in hospitals around New Jersey, especially now with the ongoing opioid crisis throughout the state. She apparently deals with overdoses every day.

Her birthday is next month, and I want to do something to help her quit. At first, I was thinking about signing her up for personal training. The hope was that, if she had to be more active, she’d either have to limit her smoking, or risk undermining her progress. However, I fear that it could be too much at once for her, so now I need help finding other alternatives.

How Vaping Works

More and more people my age seem to be “vaping.” Vaping doesn’t appeal to me personally, but I am a little curious about what exactly the big deal is. I understand that it’s not like smoking cigarettes, because it’s not really “smoking” at all. But I’m not sure I really understand what’s going on here. How does vaping work? What does a vape pen or e-cigarette actually do, and what’s with the liquid stuff you put in them? And what’s the appeal of vaping – is it just, like, a smoke-free version of smoking, or is there something more to it?