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Update your finals wardrobe with these study clothes


By Morgan Smith

Since finals week has arrived, it’s important for students to be in-the-know about the best places to get the comfiest and coziest clothing to make that late-night studying at least a little bit worth it.

Below are just a few of the top pieces among students to wear during their 12-hour Fondren study sessions and where you can find these favorites.


Really. Uggs of any kind will work, but especially the Classic Shorts, the Shearling Slippers or the Dakotas. Not only do they keep your feet insanely warm, they’re easily the most comfortable pair of shoes you will ever own, and some locations have them on sale for the holidays.

And yes, they do make them for guys, too.

Retailers: Ugg, Nordstrom’s and Dillard’s.

Oversized Sweaters

While this may seem like a given, the comfort of being able to move freely while making notecards or drawing charts on the white boards in the Simmons Building cannot be found in many other places. Not to mention the fact that the knitted ones, like the Echo Pullover from Free People, will make you feel like you’re tucked away in your bed, even when you’re hitting hour eight in a study room. Other honorable mentions include the Oversized Mohair-blend Sweater from H&M and the BDG Cable High/Low Crew Neck Sweater from Urban Outfitters (it’s even on sale!).

Retailers: Free People, H&M and Urban Outfitters.


Of course leggings make an appearance within the five best go-to study garments. Have you ever worn them? They’re a trendier version of pajamas, and some even make it feel like you’re not wearing any pants at all, like these from lululemon. Some places, like American Eagle, even offer them in a variety of colors like olive green, navy, gray and burgundy.

Retailers: lululemon, Nike and Aerie.

Baggy sweatpants

Slightly different from leggings, baggy sweatpants are another great article of

clothing to keep you comfy and cozy. Depending on where you shop, some may be lined with fleece, similar to these from Under Armour, but everybody knows that Victoria’s Secret is the queen of comfy joggers that are also cute.

Retailers: Under Armour, Victoria’s Secret and L.L. Bean.


Last, but not least, we have flannel shirts. Warm and comfy while still being cute and practical, flannels make for the perfect study attire. They’re perfect for layering and are great to pair with any of the above clothing. Of course, Urban Outfitters champions the classic flannel shirt, but Old Navy also has a great selection for a little bit cheaper.

Retailers: Urban Outfitters, Old Navy and Tillys.

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