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Top 5 most flexible part-time jobs for college students in Dallas
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Ever wonder how you could make some extra cash while not disrupting your studies? Here are some suggestions!

5. Lyft me up.

“Grab the wheel and start earning.” Lyft is a transportation service where you can drive your Dallas locals from point A to point B and make some extra dollars. You might be wondering why suggest Lyft over Uber? According to Earnest research, last year the median earning for a Lyft driver was $210 per month and an average of $377, compared to $155 and $364 for Uber. The more you ride, the more you earn.

Pro: Make your own hours and meet new people.
Con: Must be 21+ to become a driver and have your own car.

4. Do me a Favor.

“Become a runner.” Favor is an all-item delivery service app and acts as your personal assistant. Don’t feel like going food shopping? Call for a favor. Sick, and need some soup? Call for a favor. With all the favors you pick up you receive 100% of your tips and most runners average between $10 to $18 per hour.

Pro: Clock in and out as often as you please.
Con: Navigating to destinations.

3. Juice it up with Lime.

Scoot your way up. Lime is a dock free bike and electric scooter company that offers personal transportation through their app. With all-electric scooters, they must be charged each day. Lime-S Scooter is always looking for “juicers” to do just that– collect low-battery scooters, charge them overnight and return them to the streets. How many scooters you pick up and their locations will determine your pay. An average juicer makes between five and 12 dollars per night, per scooter.

Pro: Don’t have to interact with others.
Con: Scooter(s) need to be charged and deployed by 7 a.m. the next morning.

2. Work-study hard.

Study hard, work hard. SMU offers a variety of work-study opportunities and different plans of payment. The Federal Work-Study program is a need-based work opportunity. Students who are eligible for FWS can apply for on- or off-campus work-study jobs, and earn their FWS award as hourly wages. Specifically, students in journalism and CCPA can benefit from working with Lisa Goodson. (Full disclosure, I have worked for her for a year and she is awesome!) She is an Administration Assistant and located in Umphrey Lee, office 280. During school days, you can clock-in between classes and can earn up to $9.50 an hour.

Pro: Always have professor access.
Con: Can only work during the weekdays.

1. Don’t be a baby.

Although it is on the schedule of the family, babysitting is the ultimate job. Depending on the age of the kid(s), you have the freedom to entertain at times or relax. You also have the choice to accept or deny a day to work, and depending on how many children and your responsibilities, sitters often get paid between $15 to $25 an hour.

Pro: Gaining children-care experience.
Con: Jobs often occur after business hours or late at night/weekends.

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