SMU’s Natural Hair Network fosters community among students of color

The Natural Hair Network is one of the more recently chartered organizations on campus.

According to their mission statement, “the Natural Hair Network was established by and for diverse people interested in supporting natural hair care and promoting the celebration of diverse beauty on SMU’s campus.”

The organization focuses on the many issues and challenges that can and do affect diverse men and women with natural hair on this campus.

It also serves to provide a safe space for students with diverse backgrounds and diverse hair textures in order to encourage them to celebrate themselves and understand their inherent worth.

The leaders of the organization have committed themselves to providing guidance and hope for people of color on campus by providing a network in which men and women of color can become more confident in their unique appearance and diverse abilities.

“We accomplish that by holding meetings and discussing difficult and perhaps uncomfortable topics in a positive light, and trying to find resolutions that also educate others,” board member Lexxi Clinton said.

In recounting her favorite meetings, she speaks briefly on the meeting they had on the preferences or the type of person you most often choose to pursue romantically.

“We had a meeting on preferences where we discussed in depth colorism on this campus and in the greater black community,” Clinton said. It was very interesting to hear different people’s perspectives and the way that it affects our community and relationships.”

The organization will focus on continuing to foster community in the semesters to come.

The Natural Hair Network is open to all students. They meet monthly in Hughes-Trigg. For more information, check out their connect page.