Chipotle pulls pork amid ethical debate


Chipotle restaurants decided Friday to pull pork from its menus, following a less-than-satisfactory review of animal living conditions from their suppliers.

The chain, famous for fire-grilled meats, bowls and burritos, has almost 2000 locations nationwide. Roughly one-third of locations will be affected.

Chipotle’s long-standing policy of using ethical suppliers and practices has been most notable in its use of organic produce. Now, the chain hopes to increase customer trust by standing its commitment to ethical farming.

In addition, the chain added sofritas to its menu last spring, a spiced and grilled tofu. The poblano-peppered meat alternative is tasty and flavorful, a viable option for carnivores and vegetarians alike. To promote this entree, several promotions will run this month, such as a buy-one get-one sofritas special on Jan. 26.

The decision regarding pork may affect the company’s stockholdings, a small price to pay for the immense impact. Consumers have long complained about everything from McDonald’s alleged “pink slime” in their hamburger meat to the quality of life of hens in egg farms. Chipotle has begun to pave the way in ethics and transparency in the food production process.

“I’m so happy to know now how the animals are treated at Chipotle,” sophomore Andrea Miranda said. “I’ve always loved their food, and now I don’t have to feel guilty about eating it.”

Other restaurants will surely follow suit if Chipotle’s efforts towards ethics will increase customers’ loyalty and satisfaction. Chipotle may prove that sometimes pricier but more humane practices may end up benefiting all involved, from hogs to humans.

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