Hegi Career Center Continues to Offer Help to SMU Students

The Hegi Career Center is a student-based academic development organization SMU, located in Suite 200 on the main floor of the Hughes-Trigg Student Center.

It offers several services that help students boost their academic development, including resume reviews, guidance on creating a successful cover letter, and mock interviews for job applications. They also offer a series of workshops, such as Adulting 101, that prepare students for the outside world. Besides career and skills development, they also want to educate students on the art of negotiating job offers. Hegi Career Center also offers the opportunity to work as a Hegi Career Leader, where students can apply for jobs and leadership positions in the office.

To communicate with the Hegi staff, students need to go through Handshake, which is an online platform made for finding jobs and talking to employers. The current plan for the fall semester is to have hybrid events and meetings to accommodate large amounts of students.