DC Top 10, No. 6: Rangers go to World Series two years in a row

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Courtesy of texas.ranger.mlb.com

This the fifth installment of a ten story series and the 6th place finisher in The Daily Campus’ Top Ten most exciting moments in DFW sports history (since 2000).

This one was hard for me. I wanted it to finish higher on our list and you probably did too.

You also might be wondering why we lumped both World Series runs together. Well, because they didn’t actually win.

Still, the fact that the Rangers went to back-to-back World Series’ was super impressive and had DFW baseball crazy for a solid three seasons.

So let’s hop back into that time machine and go to the time when Justin Bieber first started to annoy us and Scott Feldman was the Rangers projected ace-pitcher.

Seriously- Scott Feldman. Wrap your head around that and tell me manager Ron Washington didn’t work miracles.

Sure the addition of Cliff Lee that season was huge and without him Texas maybe wouldn’t have made its first ever World Series appearance.

Unfortunately, Texas wet the bed in 2010, and then Nelson Cruz and Feldman cost the team its first championship in 2011.

But for three seasons (2010-2012) DFW had a competitive baseball team to root for and for that, we thank you.

Even you CJ Wilson…you big jerk.

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