Row-ling in Austin

In their second event of the season, the SMU rowing team had a very good showing at the Head of the Colorado Regatta in Austin, Texas this weekend, taking four first place finishes.

“We did really well today,” Head Coach Doug Wright told SMU Athletics. “Everyone raced really hard and showed how hard they have been training since the last race.”

For the second time this season, the first-year 8+ crew won, placing 12th by a time of 18:50.04, more than a minute faster than the next closest team.

Mustang victors were also found in the open doubles with upperclassmen Lauren Moore and Chantelle Conley with an impressive time of 21:39.9.

Conley also competed in the final race of the day, the open single, finishing second with 23:19.0, while fellow Mustang Jonnie Parmer placed fifth with 26:27.2.

“All in all [Conley] went an impressive 30k meters today, and half of it at pressure rate,” Wright said. “She had a long day, but finished very strong.”

Another dominant performance was by the novice 4+ team, who were able to sweep first and second place with times of 20:02.5 and 20:43.9, respectively, more than three minutes ahead of any other competitor.

The open 4+ race also had SMU produce a winner, as the crew sealed the win with an impressive 20:15.7 time.

The Mustangs have started out the early portion of the season on a couple of hot notes, but will have to prepare for another strong test next weekend in the Head of the Hooch Regatta in Chattanooga, Tenn.

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