Red carpet jewelry dazzles at 2018 Oscars

by Elizabeth Bradley

The red carpet at the Oscars is the perfect time to see trendy dress styles and fashionable accessories. It is a night where the entire world turns their eyes to the red carpet to see a display of true Hollywood glitz and glam.

A great dress at the Oscars is one thing; however, the dazzling jewelry is what really helps an actress make or break her entire ensemble. The 2018 Oscars Red Carpet showed several stars who wore breathtaking pieces including cuffs, collars, earrings and rings with their dress.

Ashley Judd wore an incredible diamond necklace with matching earrings. The diamonds were a perfect choice that complemented her purple gown.

Emily Blunt was in a stunning, baby blue dress with a lace, high-neck collar. The star paired her gorgeous style with beautiful, long, blue earrings that brought out the different shades of blue in her trendy style.

Greta Gerwig also accessorized with blue jewelry. The star wore a yellow dress with floral motifs. The blue necklace she wore was the perfect length that highlighted the intricacy of the embellishment on her dress.

Superwoman Gal Gardot was truly extraordinary in Tiffany & Co. The dramatic multi-stone rectangular necklace paired perfectly with her embellished and sequined silver dress.

These women ruled the red carpet and are all winners when it comes to their red carpet styles. As the 2018 award season comes to a close, these women brought their A-game and used exquisite jewelry to enhance their respective looks.

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