Love and Legacies

I’m an only child from an old-fashioned family, and I’m about to graduate college with my long-term girlfriend. So you can guess what my family is talking about: marriage, kids, and a whole new family: mine!

I’m very happy with my relationship, but I’m dragging my feet for a whole other weird reason, and it’s one that feels a little paranoid to say. I’m worried about what will happen to my family if I die. I know that sounds morbid, but if I had kids, I’d consider myself responsible for them (who wouldn’t?), and I remember a family friend years ago telling some awful story about a father who died and left his whole family in dire financial straits. I don’t even remember the friend, really, just the story – clearly it had an affect on me! What if I get run over by a truck, or something, and my family ends up all alone?

Anyway, I’m paranoid and rambling – can your experts reassure me with some kind of stats about life expectancy, or something?

Care and Comfort

My grandparents live pretty near to campus, so while I’m at school I try to visit them pretty often. Lately, I’ve been kind of worried about the two of them. My grandmother fell down in the tub recently, and while she didn’t break any bones, she’s been spending a lot of time in bed and has been complaining that it’s really uncomfortable (she even has some sores, my grandfather says). Meanwhile, my grandfather seems kind of overwhelmed by all his responsibilities around the house – especially since my grandmother isn’t really in a position to help him. I’m starting to think that they should consider moving to an assisted living facility, but I know from past conversations that my grandfather is really against that sort of thing, and I’m not sure that I should be bringing this up as a grandchild (my parents don’t live nearby and haven’t visited too recently, so it’s really just me dealing with this). Any advice from the experts?