Limiting Liability

Ever since I was young, I’ve had an irrational fear – well, at least I hope it’s irrational – of being sued. I think I’m so fixated on this because my parents both have very strong feelings about lawyers and lawsuits. Every since I was young I’ve heard about how we live in a “litigious society” and about how people will start a lawsuit over pretty much anything. I’m almost afraid to own a car because of how often it seems that people get sued over car crashes. I’m afraid to go into any career – like medicine – where people can get sued easily. I’m certainly afraid to own a pool – we never had one growing up because, according to my mom, some neighbor’s kid would jump in and drown and we’d get sued.

I’m trying to get a grip on my worries here, and I’m hoping the experts can help. How at risk are we all, really, of being sued for no reason?