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SMU fashion blog branches out

Photo Courtesy of D StyleSheet

(Photo Courtesy of D StyleSheet)

Southern Methodist University is known for its business school, Boulevard and beautiful campus.

But if you look a little closer, it’s hard to miss the plethora of stylish students that call SMU home.

Photography-savvy alums Kristi and Scot Redman were the first to showcase our trendy university in 2009 with their blog

Hilltop Glossy.

The blog featured snapshots of students going about their daily business — walking to class, toting books to the library and celebrating on the Boulevard.

It wasn’t long before word was out, and everyone was clicking to the blog to see the shot of the day.

But as some students have noticed, Hilltop Glossy is no more.

At the beginning of August, the Redmans set up shop at D Magazine with a brand new street style blog called D StyleSheet.

“Little did we know, [Wick] Allison [publisher and editor-in-chief of D Magazine] and everyone else over at D were big fans of Hilltop Glossy,” Scot said.

“They contacted us, and four months later here we are!”

Not ones to shy away from a new opportunity, the couple now searches for fashionable moments all around Dallas.

Some of their favorite spots are Highland Park Village,

Downtown Dallas train stations and the Bishop Arts District.

“But we really like to be backstage at fashion shows,” Scot said.

“That’s where you get people in their real moments, with models getting their hair and makeup done. It’s very raw.”

In a city as glamorous and flashy as Dallas, there is no shortage of fabulous people to photograph.

However, a unique look is more likely to grab the attention of their lens.

“You can choose anybody and call it fashion, so we try to capture something we haven’t seen; something on-trend and cutting edge,” Kristi said.

The Redmans will celebrate the launch of D StyleSheet the evening of the famously known Fashion’s Night Out on Sept. 8.

Along with several other festivities at Highland Park Village, Kristi and Scot will be hosting their own exciting event and fashion show at the Jimmy Choo boutique.

The blog will be incorporated with models carrying iPads displaying D StyleSheet around the party.

All new endeavors and accomplishments aside, the Redmans have not forgotten about SMU.

“SMU is the center of fashion in Dallas,” Scot said. And to students who may be concerned about the couple’s absence on the Boulevard this fall, fear not.

“We are not leaving SMU,” Kristi said.

“We’ve already got all the tailgates in our schedule!”

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