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SMU baseball holds open tryouts Sunday

Just imagine for a moment the College World Series is approaching, playoffs are in full swing and SMU has a spot in the bracket. With eight teams making it to the College World Series, it takes dedication, hard work and determination.

While this scenario will not happen this year or the next, it is not an idea for the myth books. After all, a baseball team is only as good as the men that step up to the plate come February.

The SMU Club Baseball program is looking to make baseball history and are vying to bring baseball back to Division 1 status for SMU and they are looking for players.

Tryouts for the team will be held this Sunday. Prospective players will meet at 9:30 a.m. by the Mustang Statues in front of Moody Coliseum and head straight to Greenhill School where they will be put through their paces.

The president of the student-run baseball club says the highlight of the season “was the win against Baylor to end season last year.”

They do not want to stop there.

This is the most organized, capable year since the beginning of SMU’s baseball club in 2007 with the return of the president, as well as two players who previously played varsity at another university.

If you are interested in trying out, it is requested that you are able to compete at a high-school level. Players will receive customized gear, including jerseys, practice attire and a duffle bag. The season is tentatively set to open play against TCU on Feb. 4 to Feb. 5 in the spring. The team plans to travel to Austin, Texas, San Antonio and Houston.

The National Club Baseball Association administers 123 club baseball teams across the country. As an SMU baseball player, you play the teams in the NCBA including, but not limited to, Texas, Texas Tech, Rice and Baylor. The season concludes with a championship tournament in Georgia bringing eight teams to the NCBA World Series.

In order to revive the varsity baseball program, SMU is looking to build the best club team possible. Since 1981, when the Division 1 team was abolished, efforts have been made by alumni, SMU supporters and a member of the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame to bring D-1 baseball back to SMU.

With conference realignment in a standstill, SMU now has time to twist and pull sports teams to prepare to be competitive in realignment. While this is also a process in which years are needed to become competitive, SMU must start somewhere before potentially applying for membership to a more aggressive conference.

Otherwise, the likelihood of SMU competing with larger schools that have developed a men’s track and field, baseball and women’s softball team is a slim chance.

SMU baseball has been part of the history and tradition of this university since 1916 when SMU took their first swing.

Eight players have been drafted to the major league starting with Gene Bedford by the Cleveland Indians.

If players would like to try out, they should bring all of the baseball equipment they require (ex: bat, glove, batting gloves, cleats, etc.), wear comfortable athletic clothes and a hat.

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